The Science of Consciousness
The Science of Consciousness
Science of Consciousness, Dr. Theresa
The Science of Consciousness

Are You Looking To Unlock Your Greater Potential And Manifest The Life You Desire?

Does consciousness really start within the brain?

Learn a deeper universal truth about who we are and how our consciousness connects with the universe. From the sub-atomic to the cosmic we are multidimensional beings of vast potential, but we need a way to gain access into the quantum realm.

Dr. Theresa reveals the key principles that govern all quantum phenomena and how we can apply them to our lives. She also weaves this together with ancient metaphysical wisdom to bridge science and spirit. In this presentation you will discover the secret to establishing a quantum coherent state to unlock your greater potential and manifest the life you desire.

In this substantial 60 minute Video Webinar you will dive deep, with Dr. Theresa Bullard, into the following:

The Science of Consciousness
  • How to access your greater potential using the keys in Quantum Physics

  • Deeper explanation and insights into what quantum really means and the core principles within Quantum Physics

  • What’s the most powerful state of being and how do we achieve it?

  • Recommendations on how to access a coherent state within your body all the way down to a DNA level

  • The Alchemical story about how the Universe and Cosmos came to be and how this pertains to your everyday life and what you are creating

  • Connection between alchemy, quantum physics, and the 7 Hermetic Principles

  • What is the Quantum Gap and what are the benefits of tapping into it?

  • How you can contribute to the collective shift on the planet