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Blueprint For Manifesting a Life of Greatness!

I'm excited to share with you a Secret I've discovered

Let me ask you this, have you ever felt stuck in manifesting something in your life that you really wanted? Chances are, your answer is ‘yes’! So here you are, you might have big dreams and great visions of things you want to do to make a difference in the world, but you just feel you don’t know what to do to move them forward. There is nothing more frustrating than dreaming big and feeling like you are stuck playing small...

When it comes down to it, deep inside you know that you are not living your life to the fullest and you are yearning for something greater and more meaningful. You’ve checked in with yourself and you know that you want to transform your life and achieve your big dreams and great visions, and this has sent you looking for answers...

You heard about the Law of Attraction and so you thought this could be the thing that holds the answers you are looking for. Though, after all of your research on the subject, you’ve learned some cool things.. but you still don’t feel much different, and you know inside that there are still important tools missing from this Law of Attraction craze.

So, you’ve gone even deeper on your journey and have tried a lot of different things, you’ve watched countless videos on Youtube, bought multiple self-help books, and taken courses from self-proclaimed gurus that promised to transform your life. You felt that you exhausted all your options and yet after all of this…  you Still felt frustrated. You even felt held Back because you just can’t seem to find the right teacher or process.

Fear might start to creep into your mind and thoughts, leaving you feeling completely hopeless and wondering if you will ever find what you are looking for. You’ve found yourself doubting your own power and wondering if you are just destined to give up on your dreams and continue living the life you feel stuck in. 

Well rest assured, you are not alone in this challenging and evasive experience!

Just Like You, My Own Journey Was Filled
With Frustrations And Challenges

I’ll begin by going back to when I was pursuing both my career, and a PhD in Physics. While I was learning a lot, I felt like my life was getting out of balance.. Honestly, I was not happy. And I felt uncertain about how to create a life path and a career that really would thrill me and best utilize my natural strengths and gifts. 

I often found myself just having to work really hard, and I found myself asking “What is the real purpose to what I am doing?” I felt like I was always in a struggle or uphill climb, just trying to keep up with life as it was. I had visions and dreams about what kind of life I wanted.. But they were kind of nebulous, vague. It was more like I knew what I didn't want in life, more than I knew what I did want. 

And I really didn't feel like I even had permission to dream fully into my vision for fear that it wouldn't meet others expectations of me. I knew what I wanted. And I knew I wanted to make a meaningful contribution and impact, which is why I set off doing basic science research in the first place. But then, I realized that it wasn't going to lead me in the direction I had first hoped for. 

I Had This Nagging Sense of Longing, Feeling Like
Something Was Missing In My Life...

It was an empty feeling. I was unhappy, stressed, and knew there was more to life and frustrated that it seemed to be eluding me. I realized that I really needed to get more clear about my purpose and direction. And in order to do so, I needed to break down the walls of limitation that I felt had been stopping me, I needed to question everything and discover what was beyond those walls. 

So, this set me on a journey over the last 20 years with a mission to discover how to manifest a great life. Through many years of deep personal exploration, rigorous spiritual training, and combining this with my background in science, I came to realize the keys to uniting the principles of Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Spirituality and Ancient Alchemy!

I combined all of the best of what I had learned from ancient wisdom and modern science into a revolutionary formula that could be used for Transformation and Manifestation. This is what I call the Quantum Transformation Formula. And it is the most exciting work that I have to offer you right now. I am so glad you have made it here right now, in your own search for expansion and empowerment.

Here Are Some of The Benefits
That I And Others That I've Worked With
Have Gained From Using This Powerful Formula

  • Transforming your mindset, breaking through ways of thinking that did not serve you and others around you. 
  • Learned to rewire my brain and evolve my habits to support my greater potential.
  • Experiencing more freedom and flow in life as I discovered how to work smarter and get time to be on my side more. 
  • Rediscovering and reclaiming my creativity.
  • Expanding my capacities to manifest my vision, make breakthroughs, and creatively solve problems.
  • Gaining an enhanced sense of clarity, development, intuition and trust in it. And from this I came to make better decisions from a place of higher consciousness.

Stacy K.

College Professor, Orange, California

I learned SO MUCH from Theresa Bullard and the experience she has facilitated through QTF. You've spurred growth and insight. You've facilitated quantum leaps. Thank you for an amazing program."

Why is what I’m talking about different
from anything you’ve encountered before?


Dr. Theresa Bullard

Ph.D. Physicist, International Motivational Speaker, Co-Founder of Quantum Learning Academy, Creator of Quantum Transformation Formula, Host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV, and Modern Mystery School Instructor.

This is different because of who I am, a Ph.D. Physicist, Author, and International Spiritual Teacher. Often people might think that science and spirituality are two completely different worlds, but what I have discovered is that they are actually more like two-halves that make a whole.

It is only when we bring these two worlds together, that we can we see the bigger pictures or the formulas that rest at the core of how the universe works - thus allowing us to actively participate within it and shape our life and the world like never before. 

Because I am a scientist, I searched for something deeper that carried true understanding. Anything I found had to be both grounded and practical, while still intuitively resonating with me.

Through my journey to unite Physics & Metaphysics, I discovered this powerful approach to help people just like you make breakthroughs, manifest your visions, and get into the drivers seat to create a better, more fulfilling life.  

The Quantum Transformation Formula brings together a unique fusion of ancient wisdom, modern science, and time-tested methods for harnessing consciousness.

This is the full formula for manifestation!

What If I Told You That The Law of Attraction
Is Only One Piece To A More Complete Formula?

And That There Truly Is A Science... Not Just An Art, To Manifesting

I know this because I have dedicated so much of my life to understanding the fundamental principles of how the universe works. In this pursuit, I went all the way to getting a PhD in physics while simultaneously walking a parallel path with training in ancient Mystery School teachings. 

The reality is that the Law of Attraction is based on only 1 of 7 Universal Principles that come from ancient mystery teachings. But, again, it is only 1 of 7; there are 6 others! The power of intention is only one step in the process of manifestation. The bigger part of this is learning to harness consciousness and come into a more congruent state, while moving your intention through several other stages of the manifestation process. 

In this program, I take you on a journey where I lay out all 7 steps of the formula for manifestation and weave in how to access the Quantum Realm. I’ve used it many times to successfully accomplish things that others thought were impossible!

I’ve spent years mastering my understanding of these teachings and learning to weave them together. Over a 20 year journey, I’ve brought together the most important keys that I have learned specifically for the art of manifestation and used them to create this Quantum Transformation Formula training course. 

I am excited for the opportunity to share these important keys and teachings with you and to guide you through accessing the quantum realm, manifesting your biggest dreams and visions, and living your greatest potential!

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Discover The Powerful 7-Step Formula

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The entire course is compiled into a 7 part Mp4 series, which you can use best to learn at your own pace and in your own time. 


Jay B.

Contractor, Orange County, California

"If you are timid, just curious, or too comfortable with your life, this program is probably not for you. The ideas presented are challenging, bold, and powerful. These ideas include practical applications of modern quantum physics and the alchemical principles of old, used as ways to accelerate growth. If you are highly motivated and have a sense of purpose, you will see this as a way forward, a golden path to fulfillment. What could be better than that?"

Here’s A Sneak Peek Into The 7 Steps You Will Be
Mastering In The Quantum Transformation Formula

QTF main imagery-5


Basic Concepts of
Quantum Transformation

Here we will discuss what has influenced our ways of thinking, how it limits us, and what we can do to break free into a new mindset, a Quantum Mindset. We’ll also introduce some basic concepts of Alchemy that will be used throughout this training for accelerating your transformation.

QTF main imagery

Step 1

Dialing-in Your Vision

In this module, you will learn and understand how to create your Vision using the Quantum Principles within. This will help you to hyper-focus like a laser and make your vision manifest. After all, you cannot do what you cannot first see.

QTF main imagery-2

Step 2

Accessing Higher Consciousness

Illuminate yourself by Raising your Vibration, and actually shifting into a higher state of Consciousness. You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must see the world anew. In this module, you will learn how to access new ways thinking.

QTF main imagery

Step 3

Tapping the Quantum Gap

Experience Stillness. Accessing “the Gap.” This is where you discover how to dive into those Quantum Principles for Life. In this module, you will learn how to tap into the Gap, where the Quantum Space becomes accessible using the 4 Quantum Keys of harnessing vast potential.

QTF main imagery-2

Step 4

Igniting the Spark to
Make a Breakthrough

Plant your Seed and Ignite the Spark for making Creative Breakthroughs. In this module, you discover how to not only catalyze a Creative Breakthrough when you need it, you will also discover how to access truly new ideas for solving any problem that may arise.

QTF main imagery

Step 5

How to Harness the
Observer Effect

In this module, you discover the quantum phenomenon that affects all of us and how to harness it. This brings us to one of the most enigmatic aspects of Quantum Physics, called the Observer Effect, that gives us the power to participate with the Universe in co-creating our lives.

QTF main imagery-2

Step 6

Creating a Powerful Plan

At this point you know how to open the field of possibilities for your clarified vision, and pick what you desire from the quantum realm. In this module, you create a plan of what to do, how you can do it, and the different ways to manifest it. Your practical blueprint is formulated here.

QTF main imagery-3

Step 7

Attracting Success

Discover how to fully envision yourself, with your senses fully engaged. In this module, you will be taking the actions set out in your plan, reaping the rewards, and seeing the effects of your success!

QTF main imagery-4


Vibrational Alchemy

Tap into how Music & specific Rhythms and Frequencies can be harnessed to support your expanded states of consciousness. Discover the power of solfeggio frequencies, brainwave entrainment, and learn what parts of the brain are we trying to access, and how we can accomplish actual alchemy in your body.

The Keys Within The Quantum Transformation Formula
Can Be Applied To Your Life Today

Don't Delay Any Longer!

We've all been there, sitting in the place between curiosity and taking powerful action. The old saying "There's no time like the present." is as relevant today as much as ever before.

Don't allow yourself to continue feeling lost, hopeless or uncertain about what to do next. You already know what that feels like, and now it is time for something different. You have found yourself here on this website right now for a reason and a purpose bigger than just you.

Right now is the time to say "yes" to yourself. To say "yes" to creating the life you have been wanting and searching for. To apply yourself and finally begin manifesting your biggest dreams in life. Today you have found what you have been searching for, click the button below to enroll now and transform your life today!

Immediately When You Enroll in This
Transformational Online Course You Receive

Boxes 2 (1)

Eight Online Training Videos (~30 Minutes Each) ($376 Value)

Each Module gives you easy and practical steps to follow, guiding you through the 7-step Quantum Transformation Formula.

All these exercises are designed in such a way that you can easily fit them into your day in small increments to help you harness your time and energy most efficiently and keep the peak state flowing throughout your day.

QTF main imagery-4
Two Vibrational Alchemy Online Training Bonus Video ($99 Value)

Discover How Music & Oscillatory Rhythm and Frequency can be utilized through modern technology to support your expanded state of consciousness. Learn about what parts of the brain we are trying to access and how you can accomplish actual alchemy in your body.

Three Archived Webinars with Dr. Bullard ($197 Value)

Listen to Dr. Theresa Bullard as she goes deeper into your application of the Quantum Transformation Formula through three 60 minute webinars that were recorded live.

One Creative Alchemy Guided Audio ($25 Value)

Leads you through the Quantum Transformation Formula as a guided meditation process, supported by brain wave entrainment and solfeggio frequencies. Boost your creative faculties. Enhance your process of accessing heightened states of consciousness. Manifest your greatness!

Note: Audio file is a downloadable Mp3

Plus Other Bonus Tools ($40 Value)

Extra audio tools and worksheets that support the integration of each of the steps to the Quantum Transformation Formula.


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Jason L.

Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, California

This training was remarkable. We were given tools that were key to manifesting. This is Brilliant work! If you are interested in this training and haven't yet signed up, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for some real solid growth, and self-empowered evolution in their lives and business!'


Jay B.

Contractor, Orange County, California

"If you are timid, just curious, or too comfortable with your life, this program is probably not for you. The ideas presented are challenging, bold, and powerful. These ideas include practical applications of modern quantum physics and the alchemical principles of old, used as ways to accelerate growth. If you are highly motivated and have a sense of purpose, you will see this as a way forward, a golden path to fulfillment. What could be better than that?"


Stacy K.

College Professor, Orange, California

I learned SO MUCH from Theresa Bullard and the experience she has facilitated through QTF You've spurred growth and insight. You've facilitated quantum leaps. Thank you for an amazing program."

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