2024 Numerology Forecast
Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast 2024

Create your life's
dreams and desires!

Cost: $55 | Recording Available 1/08/2024

2024 Numerology Forecast

2024 is here... Join me, Dr. Theresa, for my annual Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast to understand how to use the archetypal gifts and energies this year.

In 2024 the seeds of creation we've planted the last two years have now germinated and are starting to push upwards towards the light of the Sun and Moon. Now is the time to tend to our desires and dreams and put some focus and devotion into growing our "garden" of life. With this new year comes a fresh opportunity to catalyze the creative process in our lives, as well as cultivate greater strength and grace as we work with the archetypal energies at play.

Kabbalah is the study of life and in the Kabbalistic Tradition, we look at things in cycles of 22. This aligns with the 22 pathways or archetypes of the Tree of Life. By looking at the energies of each year we can come into a more multidimensional understanding of reality.

Cost: $55 | Recording Available 1/08/2024

Join me for my 2024 Numerology Forecast as I teach you how to harness the archetypal energies that are in play this year, along with the gifts & benefits they bring

The year 2024 will be about learning to listen to your intuition, tap into Higher Wisdom, and align with your Higher Self, so that you can more masterfully direct the forces of heaven and the universe into your manifestations.

You will learn to use your tools and gifts to work with the seeds we planted in the previous years. Now it's time to start watering the garden of your new life, tending to it, and harnessing the energy so that it can become something truly beautiful.

It's time to step into being your Higher Self and allowing that part of you to direct your life, helping you maintain grace and equanimity even when under pressure. Being more tuned-in to your intuition to help guide you as you discover new gifts and resiliency within over the coming year!

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Cost: $55 | Recording Available 1/08/2024

Move into this new year with more insight and preparedness to best harness the energies of 2024.