My Story of Creating Fulfillment

My Story of Creating Fulfillment


Many people wonder how I came into the work I do as a healer and spiritual teacher, especially when my education and formal training started off in the sciences. I feel very fortunate to have found my way to the path of initiation in the mystery school tradition at an early stage on my journey. I was called to this path at a time when I was seeking balance and fulfillment in life, because at that time I felt something important was missing. What was missing was a sense of deeper meaning and purpose…the kind that truly satisfies the soul, not just the intellect or ego.


Prior to discovering the Modern Mystery School I was attending graduate school to attain my Ph.D. in physics. I got to a point where I began to question everything in life: “Why am I even doing this? Is it worth it?” I regularly felt this way about my education, which took up most of my time (80 hours a week during those first couple years of grad-school). I realized that doing well in school wasn’t going to bring me the deeper level of happiness or fulfillment I knew was possible in my life, and in fact it was draining me dry. Something had to shift!

I then committed to transforming my life by bringing back into it whatever it was that would give me a sense of balance and meaning in my life. First I brought back creative outlets, then joined got back into athletics, and then I prioritized being more social. From all of this my sense of balance improved, however I still felt a lack of inspiration and joy. I then realized that I was still neglecting my spiritual life. After seeking and trying a multitude of modalities and spiritual approaches, ranging from shamanic to new age to Science of Mind to Zen, as well as in the science and consciousness field, while the lights started to turn on for me I still felt something was lacking on a deeper level.

Then through a series of synchronicities, I found the Modern Mystery School and the Life Activation. At first I was a “participating skeptic”, cautious about the claims and methods of the path, yet open to the possibilities. Once I received the Life Activation I noticed that I was having new insights and making little shifts in my lifestyle choices that added up over time. Within a few months after the Life Activation I gained greater clarity on my life path and I finally realized what my purpose was. That “Eureka!” moment came when I finally put together the puzzle pieces of my various passions and innate skill sets. I realized I was here to help bridge science and spirituality in a practical and applied way. With this realization I was reminded of the deeper reasons for why I was even doing physics in the first place, why I needed to complete my Ph.D., and what my purpose was beyond academia or just following the traditional track. With this new clarity of purpose, I also realized that my path would be a non-traditional one, one in which I would have to forge new territory to pave the way.

After experiencing all these shifts and tangible results in my life from just the one Life Activation session, I then decided to take more steps with the Modern Mystery School. If just that one session could result in all this, what more can I attain when I take further steps? I felt intuitively called to the next steps, even though my rational mind still had doubts and any number of excuses for why not to invest in further training or activations. Yet I made the decision to follow what my heart and soul were calling me to, rather than to listen to my ego-mind’s excuses. That was the best decision I ever made, and have continued to make in my life to guide me on the right track to fulfillment. Every step I have taken with the mystery school since the beginning has propelled me to the next level, produced amazing results, improved my quality of life, helped me tap into my greater potential, and so much more.

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It truly is a Lineage of Light, Positivity, and Power; it’s an authentic mystery school with a long-standing tradition of empowering people to become GREAT, so they can leave a positive and lasting impact on the world.

Through the mystery school trainings, initiations, various healings and activations I received along the way, I found what I had previously felt was lacking, a deeper sense of fulfillment, joy, and purpose, as well as the ability to more fully embody my Higher Self. As I look back, I see that without this path my life would be radically different. I might have attained some relative level of material and intellectual success, however, I would not have had the balance and deep sense of soul-fulfillment that comes from offering true transformation and empowerment to people in their lives. Taking those leaps of faith to invest in myself and my growth on the spiritual level, in order to become the best version of myself that I could be, was the best decision I ever made.

After experiencing such a complete transformation in my life, and gaining so many benefits from it, I decided to give back by stepping into service to share the tools and methods I’d been handed down in order to help others discover their true selves. The more I served, the more I came to really “know thyself.” Through this work with the Modern Mystery School I became empowered to create a life that gave me the freedom to truly express my higher self, to expand into my ultimate potential, and to help others do the same. That is when I knew I had found what I was looking for, the missing pieces of my life came to be filled, and I am now living my true purpose.

Since 2001, I have been helping individuals and groups expand to their ultimate life and achieve more success. Through my life-long journey I have discovered innovative way to weave my background in physics with my deep training in the Modern Mystery School lineage. My passion is in offering people a practical way to apply universal principles to life for powerful results.