Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke
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With her Ph.D. in physics and vast experience in metaphysics Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke has both the credibility and the ability to expertly weave between scientific principles and spiritual teachings. She makes these esoteric topics become accessible, practical, and easy to understand.

Dr. Theresa engages audiences with her wealth of knowledge and teachings, with the aim of giving them practical tools that they can utilize in their daily lives to continue growing and expanding. These tools will truly empower. Her workshops go far beyond just an educational experience; attendees will learn about the key steps they can take to progress on their own unique and transformational journey.

Dr. Theresa is a next-generation leader in the field of bridging Science & Spirituality. She brings a fresh perspective and new insights that build upon the works of her forebearers, while also taking it to the next level.

By booking Dr. Theresa at your next event, you will be giving your audience an experience they will carry with them through the rest of their lives!

This lasting impression is just the thing that will make people remember your event years into the future. It will keep them engaged, putting your next event on their calendar before your current one has ended. By booking Dr. Theresa at your next event, you are sending a message to your community that you seek out the most professional and impactful speakers to give them the greatest benefit possible.

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Examples of Dr. Theresa's
Engaging Speaking Topics On The Subject

Conscious Life Expo
  • What is Quantum, Anyhow?
  • How We Create Coherence at a Quantum Level
  • Through the Hologram: A Portal to Quantum Consciousness
  • Taking the Leap in Conscious Evolution 
  • How Science and Spirit Converge to Create Our Future 
  • Practical Applications Of The Sacred Arts & Sciences  
  • How To Access Real Powers Using Sacred Geometry
  • Ancient Wisdom Meets New Paradigm Innovation

What People Are Saying About Dr. Theresa

"It's very clear that Dr. Bullard has a lifetime of study and practice in both the physical and metaphysical arts. The bridging of the two worlds is certainly no small task, and she seems to build this bridge head-on, brick by brick, connecting the ancient mysteries to modern science."

"Dr. Theresa Bullard is amazing, weaving the mysteries of the ages with the labyrinth of science, physics and quantum reality."

"Dr. Bullard is amazing - and the way that she walks through the explanations has really driven home concepts I've been wrestling with for years! So impressed!"

"Thank you Theresa. You are a great Teacher. Your introduction into the mystical realms and cutting edge science is greatly appreciated."

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