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How Meditation Helps Your Brain & Your Life

Beyond the commonly reported benefits of reducing stress levels and bringing a subjective experience of inner peace, meditation creates a very real physiological and neurological…

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The 2 Types of Meditation: Passive and Active Meditation

Most of the trendy meditation techniques out there today focus on one or the other of the two primary types of meditation. Rarely, though, do…

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3 Steps to Get the Most Out of Meditation

There are many meditative techniques available today that can be used to reduce stress, minimize distractions, and cultivate deeper awareness. Techniques such as Mindfulness, TM…

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Mystery Teachings on Gaia

I’m super excited to share with you that I am now the host for a new Gaia TV Original Series called Mystery Teachings! This has…

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Bio-hacking Our Brain’s Potential to Achieve Transcendent States

Our brains have an innate ability to access superconscious states. Yet most people are only aware of a small fraction of what is happening inside…

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Positive Head Podcast Interview

Every individual has unique gifts to share and something new and important to bring to the world. Often times, we undervalue our greatest gifts within…

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Personal Power and Initiation

The desire to expand into our greater potential may leave us feeling a gap between where we are now and where we’d like to be…

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My Story of Creating Fulfillment

Hello! Many people wonder how I came into the work I do as a healer and spiritual teacher, especially when my education and formal training…

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4 Holistic Approaches to Overcome Depression and Re-Ignite Passion for Life

Feelings of depression, anxiety, emotional imbalance, and the like, can drag us down into a dark cycle that drains our passion and joy. This makes…

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The Difference Between Success and Fulfillment

There are two paths we can take in reaching our goals: one path is merely going after success and the second involves creating true fulfillment…

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